What we do?


  • Custom Development

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    No business operates exactly like all the others, so why be forced into a box and conform to limitations. This will only reduce your uniqueness and competitive advantage.

    Allow Indigo Vision to assist you in identifying, documenting and developing your unique software products for your business needs. From customer management and reporting solutions, to financial or warehousing systems, to full workflow and tracking requirements… We design, spec, develop, test, rollout and support your required solution.

  • Mobile Apps

    The rise of the Mobile APP has lead to a rapid scramble in the software development industry, with development houses going head to head to create the next latest and greatest mobile applications.

    With a solid team of mobile designer Indigo Vision is at the forefront of developing hybrid and native applications in J2ME devices, Android, IOs, Windows and Blackberry. We have had the pleasure of completing apps for Global Blue chip companies, SME’s and some very creative thinkers.

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  • Responsive web applications

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    With the explosion of mobile technology it is of the upmost importance to allow your web site and web applications to be accessible via any device. At Indigo Vision we do extensive research to ensure we cater for your users’ devices, operation systems and browsers to allow for business to remain uninterrupted.

  • Ecommerce Solutions

    Every business sells something, be it services or products. Our friendly neighbourhood stores days are numbered, with more and more access to the online market place.

    Indigo Vision's highly experienced team will assist you in building your e-commerce business from design to development and allow you sell to a world of potential customers 24/7. With e-commerce, every hour is truly a business hour.

    indigovision servicess

  • Our Methodology and approach

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    At Indigo Vision we believe that proper planning and documentation forms the core of any project. Our team will therefore be invorved from the initial planning phase all the way through successful implementation, training and continued support. We believe in complete synergy between our team and the client.

    We follow the following methodological approach:

      1. Firstly we will develop a Business Requirement Specification document (BRS doc) to understand the expectations and high level functionality of the project.

      2. This will be followed by detailed user case scenarios specifying every user's journey through the system.

      3. We would then move over to the overall design

    • a. wireframes

      b. UI mapping

    • 4. After which we approach system level design

    • a. Flow charts

      b. Process flows

      c. Algorithms

      d. Unit test designs

    • 5. Once this is done we execute development

    • a. We utilise both agile and waterfall methodologies depending on the project requirements and clients wishes.

    • 6. Source version control is handled through Github.

      7. Indigo Vision will appoint a project manager to provide the client with regular updates (minimum of once a week). The project manager will be the main contact between the development team and the client and IV request that there be a single point of contact to allow for quick decisions and quick turnaround times.

      8. The above methodology minimises the potential risks of :

    • a. project misunderstanding

      b. change of critical resources

      c. slow decision making processes

      d. communication delays